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20 Year Reunion Status: 

This page is in reverse chronological order. Scroll down to get to the beginning.

In case you haven't figured it out, you can click on any text in these pages that is black, bold, and underlined. They call it a hyperlink. Like this one: you can download the registration card by clicking on the link.

Here is the link to the Parking Map. Those of you with parking passes will have free access to Lot 7G.

The tour of the High School will be on Saturday the 21st. Time to be determined, and will be posted here when available.

August 24, 2004

The reunion weekend has passed. We had 93 people at the party, which included 53 alumni, 37 spouses/significant others, 2 teachers, and one spouse. We cleared out of PNC Park by 1:00, and the festivities carried over to Firewater's outdoor seating area. The picnic attendance was lighter than expected, which may be a result of the extended celebration.

Overall, the comments about the reunion weekend have been overwhelmingly positive. However, it appears that the web site is "a little weak". If you want to get your two cents in, email us and we'll put a page up with testimonials, good or bad.

All of the directories are gone, but we have changed how we can handle new editions. We will continue to collect information, so if you didn't get yours in, send it. We will have an updated directory available on line, in .pdf format. Check back for details.

We had 10 cameras at PNC Park, and 6 at the picnic. We will have pictures developed from the cameras that made it back to us, and post them here. Again, check back for details.

The tee shirts disappeared rather quickly. If there is enough interest, we can have more made. Email us if you want one.

We plan to keep this site up indefinitely, so check back occasionally for updates. Yes, there is talk of a 25 year reunion already. It would be nice to find some of those Lost people. 

August 19, 2004

Numbers haven't changed.

The tour of the High School has been finalized. It will begin at 1:00pm. We will meet in the parking lot, in front of the Main Entrance. I will send an e-mail to all who expressed interest.

The Found page has been simplified with a new color scheme.

Reminder: The picnic is a "Bring Your Own" affair. There may be some drinks and cookies floating around, but nothing of nutritional value.

Finally, if you need a place to stay, scuttlebutt has it that Clif is putting people up for the weekend.

August 17, 2004

Numbers update:

Saturday: 91

Sunday: 142

Tour: 30

The entrance to Keystone Corner will be through the PNC Park Press Entrance. It is located near the Home Plate Ticket Window, on General Robinson Street. There will be a 18" x 24" sidewalk sign next to the door, which will have Miles' Indian drawing from the high school gymnasium on it.

If you haven't yet reserved a spot at the reunion, you can pay at the door. Please have exact change, or a check made out to "PTHS 1984". Cost at the door will be $80 per person.

You don't have to bring a camera if you don't want to risk losing it, as there will be many disposable cameras available. The pictures from those will be available through this web site.

The directory has been sent to the printer. They will be free to the alumni attending on Saturday night. For everyone else, they will cost $5, and will be available on Sunday, as well as through this web site. We will continue to update the directory, if you didn't get your information in for the first printing.

August 12, 2004

Numbers update:

Saturday: 91

Sunday: 139

Tour: 28

August 10, 2004

Numbers update:

Saturday: 87

Sunday: 130

Tour: 28

And now a word from a concerned alumnus:

"O.K. folks - We are getting down to the nitty gritty. It's less than two weeks away from the Class of '84 Twenty Year Reunion wing-ding, and for once in your life we need you to complete your homework!! If you plan on attending (and we hope that you do), please fill out your invite card and send your check in so we can get an accurate headcount for the caterers, and more importantly... the bartenders!! We need to know if you are in, or out. So please grab the invite off the desk, or kitchen counter, fill it out, send in the check, and start mapping your route to PNC Park, riverside in lovely Pittsburgh, PA! Keep those cards and letters coming so we can stop hounding you! If you have not received a mailed invite for any reason, please contact us immediately by email."

Here is where we stand:

We will have parking spaces secured by Friday, August 13. If we do not have your check by then, you will be on your own for parking. Keep in mind that there is a Steelers preseason game that night, so parking might get tight. Your parking passes will be mailed to you on August 13, along with directions to the parking lot.

The open bar will be from 8 pm to 10 pm, cash bar thereafter.

There will be food, but not served as a dinner. Buffet style with a pasta table, a carvery bar, and a Tex-Mex station. The food will be put out between 8:30 and 9:00. There will be a huge cake from the nice folks at Jenny Lee Bakery, as well as an assortment of cookies. No, they are not low carb.

The DJ will be spinning tunes by the time you get there. He will also have a Karaoke set up in place, complete with enough microphones for a full complement of back up singers.

There will be an assortment of prizes available through a raffle, including but not limited to: A couple of sets of Pirates tickets, 2 cases of Iron City beer, passes to the Carnegie Museums, and at least one pair of tickets to the Steelers/Ravens game on Dec. 26.

We will also do a 50/50 raffle, so you might be able to win back the cash you laid out for showing up.

The tee shirts have been ordered. We ordered 14 M, 28 L, 30 XL, and 8 XXL, and have 5 M, 8L, 7 XL, and 4 XXL left. Once they are gone, they are gone.

No luck yet with the tour of the High School. Still working some options there.

The Sunday picnic will be huge, when you factor in all the other classes that were invited.

Bottom line: it isn't too late to get in on the festivities. Get your reply card in the mail. Download it here.

August 5, 2004

Numbers update.

Saturday: 59

Sunday: 119

Tour: 26

Still working on the tour, and the .pdf file. Hope to have news on both soon.

August 2, 2004

This is just an update on the number of people confirmed for the reunion. The number for Saturday includes spouses, and the number for Sunday includes spouses and children. If you haven't sent in your payment and still would like to attend, send us an email then mail your check.

Saturday: 50

Sunday: 82

We also have 18 people (including spouses and children) interested in a tour of the renovated high school. We will look into getting the tour set up.

July 26, 2004

As you may already know, the invitations were mailed out on July 15th. It was a little later than we wanted, but these things happen. Including today's mail, we have received 16 responses so far. Those include a couple of faculty, a couple of people who are not attending but want to be in the directory, and a bunch of people who will be attending the reunion.

Right now, we have 69 alumni and 3 teachers who have indicated that they will attend. We have 25 people, including some spouses, confirmed for the Saturday Reunion Party. We also have 32 people, including spouses and children, confirmed for the Sunday Picnic.

We still have 116 people on the Lost page. We have addresses for 35 of those people, but have not yet had any contact with them directly. If you know where any of those 116 people are, please ask them to visit this site. Even if they don't want to attend, we would like to give them the opportunity to be included in the directory. Some of the addresses we have are for the parents of the alumni. You may also want to mention that their invitation might have been mailed to their parents.

We have changed the Found page to also show who has sent payment for the Saturday event. If you sent payment, and a week goes by without your name changing colors, email us.

Also, we are getting new contact addresses almost daily. If you get your invitation after the RSVP date, email us as soon as possible if you plan to attend. It will help us to get a firm number quickly for the caterer, and allow us to have enough tee shirts made.

I'm new to working with Adobe Acrobat files, so I hope to have a .pdf file of the RSVP card available online soon. That way, even if you didn't get an invitation, you can print out the form and send it in.

If you're curious about the tee shirt design, check out the Tee Shirt page. You can also order shirts from that page.

June 25, 2004

We are up to 57 alumni who are attending the reunion. We would like to thank everyone who has aided in finding those who are Lost. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people we have not yet contacted. If you know how to reach any of them, email us.

We are also trying to reserve a block of rooms, but the hotels require a minimum of 10 rooms for a block. So far, we have had one request. Let us know if you will need a room. We can get you a better rate if we reserve a block of rooms. The sooner, the better, as there is a Steeler game that night, and downtown rooms may become difficult to find. We are looking at the Renaissance Hotel, among others. The nice thing about the Renaissance is it is situated directly across the Allegheny River from PNC Park, just a short walk across the Clemente Bridge.

The invitations will be in the mail by July 9th. While the RSVP date will be July 31st, you may want to respond earlier. We will only have 75 parking spaces available in Lot 7G. That lot is one block north of PNC Park, next to the 222 Bar. The walk is about the same as the one from the hotel.

June 8, 2004

There hasn't been an update in a while, as there really hasn't been anything to report.

We now have 48 alumni who have indicated that they will attend the reunion. If you were "Not Sure" when you signed up, but have now decided to attend, please let us know. You can use this online form, and only select whether you will, or will not, attend. The sooner we have an accurate number of attendees, the easier it will be for us to pull everything together. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

The response from teachers has been underwhelming. We've heard from 4 who would like to attend, out of 20 we contacted. That went over about as well as the Forums section. At least a few will be there.

When we chose the date, everyone (including the folks at PNC) agreed that there was no Steeler preseason game on August 21st. As it turns out, there is a game at 7:30. We have tried to get someone at PNC to confirm that we will be provided parking for the reunion, to no avail. We will begin researching alternatives for parking. We'll keep you updated.

Finally, we expect to get invitations out in the mail by July 9th, with an RSVP date of July 31. Additionally, we will try to have a .pdf file available for download from this site. That way, if we don't yet have your address, you can reserve a spot at the festivities.

We are always open to input regarding what you would like to see/hear/do at the reunion. Drop us a line here.

March 25, 2004

Some news to report. It looks like we won't be the only ones at Peterswood Park on August 22nd. We are going to open that event up to people from the classes of 1981 to 1987. Spread the word to people you know from any of those classes.

There has been some talk of inviting former teachers to the Saturday evening event. As with any other ideas on this page, you can voice your opinion in the Forums, or you can Email us

Judging by the lack of activity in the Forums, and the lack of emails about a possible tour of the High School, we don't expect any feedback about inviting teachers, either.

We are mailing out a "Save the Date" card today. For those who aren't familiar with that concept, it is fairly self-explanatory. The card is telling you not to plan anything for that weekend. Hence, save the date. Simple, huh? The official invitations won't go out until the beginning of July. You may receive a card, yet still be on the Lost page. While we have compiled addresses for most of the alumni, many have not been confirmed yet. If you have a "Save the Date" card and are still on the Lost page, fill out the form on the Contact Us page so we can declare you Found. Thanks.

March 2, 2004

We have Pavilion No. 4 reserved at Peterswood Park for August 22, 2004, from 10 am to 2 pm. Unless enough people want to have food provided, this will be a free, bring your own, picnic style event for the whole family. The pavilion seats 100, and is situated next to 3 soccer fields, so there is plenty of room for the kids to run, play, and do the things kids do.

Alcohol is not permitted in the park. We can, in no way, condone smuggling booze into the park. Nor can we condone any methods of concealing alcohol in containers to avoid detection. We cannot suggest bringing those 16 oz., solid colored, disposable cups that were so popular at the parties of our youth. Furthermore, we cannot overlook anyone bringing booze in a cooler, in the trunk of their car (which should by no means be backed into the parking space), and pouring the drink of choice into the previously mentioned cups. Nope. Can't do it. Not allowed. It says so right on the agreement with the Parks and Recreation Department.

Next week, we should have a sample of the invitations we will be sending by mail. If all goes well, those should be mailed by March 15th. The Saturday evening event is priced at $75 per person. That will include an assortment of food, and an open bar for a portion of the event. It will also include a DJ, and possibly a photographer. If we are fiscally responsible, it could also include parking at PNC Park.

No word yet on a tour of the High School. Email us if you have any interest in seeing the remodeled High School. If there is enough interest, we'll look into setting it up.

With the Saturday evening event at PNC Park, we thought blocking rooms at the Renaissance Hotel would be nice. It is directly across the river from PNC. Anyone staying there can stroll across the Clemente Bridge to the reunion. They require a 10 room minimum for a group rate, so Email us if you would be interested. Once we have 10 confirmed, we can proceed. Obviously, the more rooms we fill, the better the rate.

February 13, 2004

We toured the Keystone Corner at PNC Park last night. Suffice it to say that this decision was the biggest "no brainer" any of us had come across in a long time. The view is phenomenal. Not only can you see the field, but also the Allegheny River and the downtown skyline. Photo ops abound. There is a balcony outside, with access to the seats in the ballpark. Inside we'll have a dance floor and DJ close to the bar. On the other side of the bar are 4 pool tables, and beyond those will be a number of tables with seating available. The room is very long, so one can escape the loud music to have conversations, without having to shout. If you haven't been back to town in a while, or if you live here but haven't been to PNC yet, it might be worth coming to the reunion just for the location.

The sit down dinner idea has fallen by the wayside. The reunion will be more of a reception style event. The caterer has an outstanding menu, but we haven't really explored all of the options. The reception style lends itself to more of a casual atmosphere. This will be a "dress as you like" affair. The décor of the Keystone Corner is such that you will feel comfortable dressed anywhere from casual to semi-formal. Think of it as "tie optional": You can show up in a tie, but we have to option of taking it off of you. The atmosphere will be fun, not pretentious.

Look, this is your 20 year reunion. It's the stuff they write movies about. If you go to only one reunion, make it the 20 year.

Date: August 21, 2004

Time: 8pm to midnight

Location: the Keystone Corner at PNC Park


price and registration to follow

February 4, 2004

We are going to tour the facilities at PNC Park next week. Afterwards, we'll head to Hi Tops for some wings and drinks. If you are interested in going, email me for the details.

PNC Park is available on August 21. While it would not be a "sit down" dinner, there could be ample finger foods, plenty of libations, and a DJ for entertainment. Obviously, this would be a more casual event, which many of you have requested. Pending the tour, we might have a date and location selected for the Saturday evening event. The family picnic would be the following day. Should we consider providing food and beverages at the picnic? Should it be catered, or should we all bring our own? Should we schedule some games and activities for the kids? Provide your comments in the Forums. We want this to be enjoyable for everyone.

January 26, 2004

We will not give out anyone's email address. If you are trying to get in contact with someone, email us and we can forward your email along to them.

We need to get a feel for the interest level for the "formal" dinner. We were considering a sit-down dinner, with drinks, and DJ for entertainment. If that doesn't appeal to most of you, stop by the Forums to voice your opinion. We want to make this reunion appeal to the majority of people.

Also, there has been some concern regarding the date. Unfortunately there aren't any locations close to Peters Township, that can hold +/- 200 people, and are available on a Saturday night during the summer months. It seems there are just too many people getting married around here. Would a Friday Night be better for an Alumni and guest (read: no kids) event? That would open up the traditional summer vacation months.

Here is another option. What do you think of having the reunion at PNC Park? Or, how about having it at Heinz Field? We can discuss all of these in the Forums, too.

January 23, 2004

We couldn't find a location that holds up to 200 people available for any Saturday during the summer months. We have tentatively reserved a room at Valley Brook Country Club for Saturday, September 11, 2004. Right now, that looks like it might be the weekend. Stop by the Forums if you want to discuss any thoughts about where and when the reunion will be held.

January 20, 2004

We are still in the early planning stages. We are trying to schedule the reunion for early August, before the kids go back to school. The Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe is booked for the entire summer. Valley Brook Country Club is booked for the summer months, but September 11, 2004 is still available. We are checking into what is available at Rolling Hills Country Club. Other options also include Southpointe Country Club, and the Holiday Inn at the Meadows.

The intention is to have a "formal" dinner on Saturday evening, with a family picnic at Peterswood Park on Sunday. If there is enough interest, we can also schedule a golf outing for Saturday morning.

This page will be updated as new information becomes available.