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This is the list of people we've found for the 20 Year Reunion, but have not confirmed a mailing address since then.

If you are on this list, please email us so we can update our database.

This page is usually updated the next business day.


Carol A. (Boice) O'Toole

Deborah S. Clark

Tammy Sue Dively

Laura J. ( Dougherty) Napier

Lynn Dunn

Thomas C. Eiter

Brian K. Fassett

Thomas Andrew Forrester

Kimberly Anne ( Greenway) White

Bruce Hammer

Gregory Allen Hancher

Rich Hannahan

Tami M. ( Keally) Fragipan

Craig E. Kuhnhenn

Jill H. (McKay) Barnhart

Mary (Oberlander) Thompson

Jamie Petre

Rebecca Suzanne (Pew) Miller

Terri (Pino) Buck

Paul Prox

Ursola J. (Ripepi) Naumann

Barbara (Ruse) Jones

Julia Lee (Stefan) Morgan

Angela Jo (Teodori) Layton

Rhoda L. (Visser) Robinson